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Rejuvenation, Youthing & Reverse Aging

This page is about aging—that limited, and limiting, mind-set of the collective consciousness that propagates the notion we'll soon be "over the hill". Time to choose rejuvenation, regeneration, antiaging, & youthing instead!

The word "youthing" was coined by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., with the following definition. I love its simplicity:

Aging occurs when we have more cells die
than are being created.

Youthing happens when more new cells are produced
than are dying.

Because of the way they are designed to charge the Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) and regenerate the organs, glands, skeletal and other systems — the Tachyonized devices, supplements and herbal remedies carry a great potential for youthing.

Boomers, pay attention: our lives can continue to spiral upward into vitality and aliveness, into extraordinary joy and fulfillment, rather than into inevitable decline.

Gabriel Cousens. M.D

Dr. Cousens, a very well respected physician and teacher who wrote Conscious Eating and Spiritual Nutrition, has also said that he intuitively feels that:

Tachyonized Silica can mean the end of osteoporosis.

 He is speaking as an enthusiastic researcher of ways to charge the SOEF of the body and the trillions of other SOEFs held within the larger one. Previously, the primary way he had found to do that was through a diet of raw foods high in life force. His discovery of David Wagner's Tachyonized products has caused him to become a major supporter of this approach as well.

To get started with this wondrous product: 

1 oz.
COST (in US only): US$41.75
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Making an Anti-Aging Commitment

To make the process as convenient as possible, I have put together a couple of fundamental packages of products to get you started on the path of deep rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation Kit & Ultra Rejuvenation Kit

Longevity Example

An experiment testing the power of the Tachyonized devices on retaining the life force of a live food. The photo was taken about 8-10 weeks after these two groups were removed from the same bunch of grapes. The left hand group was bathed in tachyon; the one on the right wasn't.

Which grape group would you rather be part of?

Still juicy, or well on the way to raisinhood?

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