How Does Tachyon Work on SOEFs?

In the late 1980s, the life of David Wagner, a successful engineer, was brought to an abrupt halt when an accident ruptured three disks in his lower back, ending his career and his mobility, costing him his financial assets and leaving him on permanent disability. After two years of excruciating pain and trying in vain every orthodox and alternative modality he knew of, he finally asked the Universe what he could do to heal himself. The answer came fairly quickly with a complete understanding of how to create a device that would capture Tachyon energy (something he had been exploring previously as an energy source for motors), and focus and amplify it as a healing tool. These devices worked somewhat like an antennae, which capture a radio signal, but in this case an antennae of tachyon.

After 90+% healing his back over a 3-4 month period, David has consistently been led by events to offer these products for the healing of others. Since that time, he has developed a whole series of external Tachyonized devices (healing from outside-in) and internal Tachyonized supplements and herbal remedies (healing from inside-out) via his company Advanced Tachyon Technologies, Inc. (ATTI).

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What Is Tachyon?

In 1966, cutting edge quantum physicists started describing two phenomena: the zero point energy field and tachyon energy. They are both omnipresent and travel at faster than the speed of light. They have no frequency — ie, no oscillation or spin. They are probably not even really energy, but something that might be called ‘pre-energy’. Zero point is formless. Tachyon has form. Zero point is like the ocean. Tachyon is like a drop of ocean water.

Tachyon interacts with the part of the universe that moves at less than the speed of light. It seems to be a catalyst or energy source for the evolution of self-organizing systems to greater and greater states of order.

Tachyon is the source of all frequency.

In our current world, vibrational medicine (ie, healing using frequency) has been the cutting edge alternative approach to health and vitality. This is a true paradigm shift away from the Newtonian & Cartesian worldview focused on the world of matter, of things and nouns vs the world of energy, processes and verbs.

The Problem with Frequency

One problem that can arise with frequency, however, is that it is not intelligent. It only knows how to be itself, which is its own narrow range of the vast electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, when a biological system is no longer deficient in a particular frequency, then that frequency becomes invasive, creating an undesirable impact, because nothing or no one turns it off. This was a situation that was very apparent in classical homeopathy, which I studied for several years. There were numerous cautionary tales of practitioners who were so intent on fixing a client they overrode the feedback the client was giving them and actually began imprinting the client with a negative energy pattern.

I have personally had a negative experience in another context — an energetic healing training session of giving someone more healing energy than her system was really ready for that day. I was enthusiastic and the instructor who was working with me was excited about the amount of energy being brought through by the two of us, but in hindsight, it seems clear that the client was not asking for that magnitude of energy in her first session. And that, in fact, she received more than was optimal for her, given the healing crisis that seemed to occur. More is not necessarily better.

The other problem is the precision required for correctly diagnosing the frequency needed for a particular condition. If it doesn’t match, it doesn’t work. Again, homeopathy is a great example. Becoming a skilled homeopath is long, arduous challenge, and even hard work doesn’t insure that one will be particularly good at prescribing the best remedy.

Outside-In Healing

As the source of all frequency, Tachyon is not dependent upon practitioner sensitivity. As an outside-in modality, the Tachyonized devices feed the SOEF (Subtle Organizing Energy Field) of the body (and all the sub-SOEFs of the cells and organs, etc.) by supplying the SOEFs with the raw, full energetic spectrum to choose from. The SOEFs simply convert Tachyon into the needed frequency. When the deficiency is replenished and balanced, the conversion to frequency ceases and Tachyon continues to pass through the SOEFs with no impact. This is true for all external situations where Tachyon is being directed at a life form, whether it is via self-treatment or working with a healing practitioner.

Inside-Out Healing

For inside-out, ATT offers an evolving range of Tachyonized products: including Silica Gel, Blue Green Algae, Spirulina, Vitamin C plus minerals, water(!), and numerous organ-specific herbal combinations. What this means is profound. Of course, the SOEFs of each of these products have been dramatically enhanced, but any one of us could have done that by simply putting them on a simple Tachyonized charging device. Charging substances’ SOEFs and benefiting from the greater impact they have on us is easy and we can do it with any food or supplement. But, where the consumable substance itself is Tachyonized — meaning that it is transformed into a permanent Tachyon antennae itself — then when it is assimilated into the tissues of a particular part of the body, that part of the body becomes a Tachyon antennae as well!

Let me repeat this:

When we are taking Tachyonized supplements, we are
literally transforming our very body into an attractor of
Tachyon, charging our own SOEFs from inside-out.

Cool, huh?

Let me emphasize that even though there has been little practical applications of Tachyon (except for the ATTI products), Tachyon is a fully accepted reality by contemporary physicists. Also, there is a wide variety on interesting studies that have demonstrated the Tachyon products’ efficacy. One example: an independent test with mice show that the mice exposed to a CRT with a Advanced Tachyon Products (ATTI) device lived even longer even than mice without any exposure. Those living in front of a CRT without any protection lived significantly shorter.