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Tachyonized Blue—Green Algae — from Klamath Lake

kirlian image

In these Kirilian photographs, we can see the energy of ordinary Blue Green Algae on the left; Tachyonized on the right. Which energy source will you choose for nurturing and revitalizing you…your nervous system…your brain?

Would you like enhanced mental clarity? Packed with nutrients, Tachyonized Super Blue Green Algae, is a super brain food that also helps build your immune system.

Tachyonized™ Klamath Lake Algae (TKLA) is organ specific for the nervous system and the brain, particularly the memory center and the hypothalamus, as well as for the pituitary and pineal glands. According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the TKLA is the only vegetarian food source that enhances and corrects the functioning of the hypothalamus. This is a very important health promoting property since many subtle endocrine imbalances are associated with a malfunctioning hypothalamus.

Blue Green Algae

TKLA works from the inside out, as do all the internal Tachyonized products. The Tachyonization process restructures the Blue-Green Algae into a tachyon antenna that is then absorbed into your body, energizing the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) on a metabolic level, transforming your brain into a tachyon energy superconductor.

TKLA contains phycocyanin. This substance, which is only found in micro algae, stimulates your entire blood building system in the bone marrow. This means your energy and immune system is balanced and strengthened. Phycocyanine helps protect against sunburn too.

TKLA is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, containing 92 minerals and trace elements. It is high in human active B12, so vegetarians never have to worry about getting enough B12 in their diet as long as they take Tachyonized Blue-Green Algae.

Remember, the Tachyonization process restructures all ingredients into tachyon antennae that they are incorporated into your cellular structure, energizing the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) and transforming your entire being into a Tachyon super conductor from the inside out.

Tachyonized Blue-Green Algae enhances long and short-term memory, and is useful as an antidepressant. Other suggested uses are Alzheimer’s disease, dementia related diseases, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and endocrine imbalances.

The Tachyonized Blue Green-Algae capsules come in 2 sizes: 75 and 200 capsules. The powder is available in 3/4oz (21g) which contains about 70 1/4 teaspoon doses (0,3g), and 1/4lb (113g) which contains about 376 1/4 teaspoon doses (0,3g).

3 capsules equals 1/4 teaspoon (0,75g). Start with 3 capsules daily and increase to 4 capsules three times per day for a maintenance dosage.

The capsules used for the Tachyonized Blue-Green Algae are Vegi Caps.

A vastly superior superfood, only a small amount is needed each day.

To try some:
Blue Green Algae Bottle

0.75 oz. powder
COST (in US only): US$26.95
Add to Cart

4 oz. powder
COST (in US only): US$101.65
Add to Cart

200 capsules
COST (in US only): US$104.35
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Shipping within the continental US is US$5.98 to $11.98 depending on weight and distance. Applicable state sales tax will be added to orders in California. All retail sales feature a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Orders outside the US: The cost for orders shipped outside the US will be higher than the US$ prices listed here, due to import duties and taxes. You will be informed first of the actual charges and will need to approve these before your order is processed. Orders for Europe ship out of a warehouse near Amsterdam; everywhere else comes out of California in the US.

NEW: Orders totaling over US$125 will have FREE SHIPPING within the USA and the European community. [This is not categorically true for AK or HI, as it's dependent on what the warehouse allows. They reserve the right to charge shipping on "large or heavy items" to those two states. Haven't seen them do it yet; but if they do, will let the customer know.]

Out of Stock Items: we do not backorder anything, because the warehouse does not. If anything is not currently available, it will need to be re-ordered another time.

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