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My name is Gene Latimer. For the past 40 years, I've been an ardent explorer of the underlying energetics and consciousness of life. This focus has yielded a rich experience of personal evolution and fulfillment. Since the fall of 2001, however, I have clearly entered a new phase of accelerated healing and transformation, unlike any other so far. There have been several factors merging, but I attribute a major role to my incorporation of Tachyon-based products into my life.

  • I am now living in a radically different electromagnetic field environment that appears to be harmonizing the chaotic impact of electrical Alternating Current on the life forms in my house.
  • I seem to be literally changing my body from the inside out, bringing my glands, organs, and skeletal structure to a whole new level of health and vitality…via the infusion of concentrated, focused Tachyon Energy..
  • The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) of my body, as well as the smaller SOEFs of my internal systems, are being recharged, their energetic deficiencies replenished and balanced — which leads to the revitalization and balancing of my physical and energetic structures.

If you would like to know more about what has me excited — and specific ways of optimizing health and powerfully boosting the immune system, rejuvenation & "youthing", electromagnetic field protection, pain management and the acceleration of expanding consciousness — I try to tell you a fair amount on this site.

You can read about some of the revolutionary

Internal Tachyonized healing products ( silica gel, blue green algae, spirulina, DHA, herbs, water!, sexual energy enhancers ) and

External Tachyonized healing products ( silica disks, water charging cells, mattress pads, cell phone disk, "Star Dust", Pet Care, and scarves & jewelry )

...and be sure to check out the revolutionary Ultra Disk breakthrough! This is an enormous development for healing: reliable tools and methods for healing the physical, mental and emotional bodies...for clearing the pain body. 

NOTE: there is a new “Specials” page now, offering a rotating couple of products at a discount. Be sure to check it out.

NEW Massage Therapists & Healers Support page. Check out the array of products for helping enhance the experience of the space, the body table, the client and the practitioner.

THREE VIDEOS that help understand the nature of Tachyon: "Tachyon Energy for Radical Longevity", "Adventures in Tachyon" and "The Raw Energy of the Cosmos"

You can also contact me directly   with any questions.



An experiment testing the power of the Tachyonized devices on retaining the life force of a live food. The photo was taken about 8-10 weeks after these two groups were removed from the same bunch of grapes. The left hand group was bathed in tachyon; the one on the right wasn't.

Which grape group would you rather be part of?

Still juicy, or well on the way to raisinhood?


Electromagnetic Field Protection :: DHA :: Stress Relief
Massage Therapists & Healers :: EMF Balancing :: Youthing & Antiaging
Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae :: Quantum Field :: Chakra Meditation
Sexual Energy Enhancement :: Alternative medicine pain relief products
Immune System Supplement :: The Stillpoint :: Better-than-Magnetic Jewelry
Hybrid Automobile EMF Battery Problem

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