Bio Magnetic Therapy — The Significant Problem with It

Bio-magnetic therapy — working with magnet energy — has served an important role in bringing public awareness into the energy realm. The reality is, however, that magnetic healing has built-in problems.

Basically, all frequencies have the ability to either pull an energy field into balance or push it out of balance. It’s a question of whether the energy field needs that specific frequency at the moment or not.

Faster-than-light Tachyon has no frequency; it is pre-frequency. Pouring forth from the Zero Point Field that underlies all of existence, it is the source of all frequencies.

The bottom line: all frequency energies turn negative with too much exposure. A good example would be the sun. On a hot, summer midday, 20-30 minutes in the sun is tremendously nurturing, healing and revitalizing. At three hours, it’s not. Your skin cells are fried; you’ve been damaged by the source of all life in this solar system.

There has to be an intelligence to turn frequency energy off, but frequency doesn’t have intelligence itself. With tachyon, the energy fields themselves convert the tachyon into whatever particular frequency is needed. When the fields become saturated, their own intelligence knows it and stops the influx of frequency.

The sun doesn’t know what you need; it’s just radiating its sun-ness. The same is true for a magnet. It only knows how to do one thing: endlessly pour out its particular magnetic frequency.

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My Perspective

I started researching magnetic healing in earnest back in the mid-70s: reading what was available by Buryl Payne and William Philpott. But even though I embraced many other alternative healing modalities, I never felt comfortable with magnets. Intuitively, I just had deep questions about whether there wasn’t some trade-off that people were ignoring. I knew enough even then to be aware that not all energy brings wholeness or balance. Some energy overrides natural mechanisms. Not long after that I encountered the work of Francis Nixon, who founded the Vivaxis Energies Research International Society in British Columbia. She was an important pioneer researcher in energetic healing, and her findings made her very much against the use of magnets in healing.

Over time, I have come across reports from others. Mark Konlee, who is the founder and director of the non-profit Keep Hope Alive organization which has grown into an impressive, invaluable network of lay researchers who supply the results of medical tests as they work to develop effective natural protocols for restoring immune function, especially healing or at least halting severe viral infections — particularly HIV and AIDS — has provided important evidence. Mark, author of the Immune Restoration Handbook and editor of the Journal of Immunity, reported on one such test in his earlier Progressive Health News, October 2000:

“….after sleeping and laying on the magnetic mattress for approximately 10 hours a day from Sept. 2nd through his latest lab test on Sept. 13th, all the numbers have taken a severe turn for the worse. His CD4’s have dropped from 77 to 20 and his HIV viral load has increased from 4500 to 524,479.” Click here to read the entire article.

These medical test numbers report a serious slide in immune health, and the only factor seems to be the overexposure to the magnetic field. It certainly seems to bear out the research that Advanced Tachyon Technologies has done on this issue as well.

A healthy alternative to the magnetic mattress pad is the Tachyonized™ Sleep Pad, which I personally love.

Nikken Magnet Products

As the largest purveyor of magnetic therapy products, Nikken may need to revise some of its claims soon. There is huge story getting ready to emerge documenting the beneficial impact of tachyon energy on human energy fields versus the dubious impact of magnetic energy.

Apparently a study exists, which directly compares products from Advanced Tachyon Technologies with Nikken and its magnetic therapy products using scientific testing procedures.

I have not seen the study so I cannot say more, except that I am very curious.

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