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Gene Latimer owner of Tachyon Energy ProductsGene Latimer
Photo by Chris Anson

Welcome to my exploration of the world of Tachyon Energy Products...populated by the specific products that have sustained and nurtured me since I discovered them in 2001. Their impact on me was so great that I immediately launched this website.

My name is Gene Latimer. If you've visited me before, you would have seen a quite different site. "Web years" are longer even than "dog years" and it was getting quite funky looking. So the look of the site has changed...but the benefits of accelerated healing, pain reduction and enhanced vitality from Tachyon Energy Products remain the same.

The Quantum Field underlies all manifestations of our physical/energetic realm; it is foundational...fundamental. Tachyon Energy is its "emissary": emanating from the Field and interacting with the very sub-atomic particles upon which all atoms, molecule and cells of creation rest. An expression of innate Wholeness, tachyon energy is a carrier of pure coherence: the essence of all harmony and order in the Universe. In our day-to-day reality, "transformational" is an apt descriptor for what you'll find here.

This is my perception from using and living with these products daily in a multitude of ways for the past 13 years. If it sounds..."grandiose"...my apologies, but it is my truth. I have no interest in selling you anything in these pages but will encourage you to follow your gut feelings and possibly try a few things to have your own personal experience within this new paradigm of healing...for living Life more fully from your authentic core.

Direct experience is how these products have expanded so dramatically over the past 20 years, from a single locale in California to now serving customers in 156 countries. Direct experience → word of mouth → new direct experiences, etc. Sensing is believing.

New Products

LARGE Tachyonized Sun Spots Set of 4

Large Elegant Tachyonized Silk Scarf

LARGE Tachyonized Sun Spots Set of 4 -- Compare Medium to Large Size Sun Spots

Pet Pendant - Mini sized for smaller pets

Pet Pendant - Protects, Balances and Promotes Healing

Tachyon Ultra-Freeze 3oz

Tachyonized Ultra-Freeze 3 oz. - Roll-On

Tachyonized Panther Juice 3 oz. - New Roll-on
Tachyonized Panther Juice 3 oz. New Roll-on Makes Pain Self-Treatment Easy

Since my love-at-first-feel moment in 2001 with these "tachyonized" products,

  • I have been living in a radically different electromagnetic field environment that appears to be harmonizing the chaotic impact of rapidly-alternating electrical current on the life forms in my house.
  • I seem to be literally changing my body from the inside out, bringing my glands, organs, and skeletal structure to whole new levels of health and vitality…via the infusion of concentrated, focused Tachyon Energy.
  • The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) of my body, as well as the smaller SOEFs of my internal systems, are being recharged, their energetic deficiencies replenished and balanced — which leads to the revitalization and balancing of my physical and energetic structures.

StarGate - a Tachyon Energy Product
A Star Gate, one of our premier products.

If you would like to know more about the items that have proven themselves to me over and over — as well as specific ways of optimizing health and powerfully boosting the immune system, rejuvenation & "youthing", electromagnetic field protection, pain management and the acceleration of expanding consciousness please take a look within.

An array of possibilities await you here: as someone taking responsibility for your own health & vitality or as a healing practitioner offering bodywork/energywork...or optimizing the energetic field of your dwelling or your work place...you will likely find resonate items here. May you trust your instincts and explore these in whatever ways you might.

THREE VIDEOS that can help you understand the nature of Tachyon: "Tachyon Energy for Radical Longevity", "Adventures in Tachyon" and "The Raw Energy of the Cosmos"

You can also contact me directly by sending me an email  with any questions.

Grapes preserved with Tachyon Energy Products

 An experiment testing the power of the Tachyonized devices on retaining the life force of a live food. The photo was taken about 8-10 weeks after these two groups were removed from the same bunch of grapes. The left hand group was bathed in tachyon; the one on the right wasn't.

Which grape group would you rather be part of?

Still juicy, or well on the way to raisinhood?


From the energetic point of view, the Orb pendant is a very effective object. It gives what it promises: very positive results.

Gianluca from Italy

Thanks for sending your products and I have to tell you they all work awesome!  You guys are so awesome and I can't believe what you're doing for the New Age community.  Your products are well made and they have integrity. I haven't felt this good in my entire life.  God Bless Your Soul!

Chris B in AZ

"In 1 week’s time, my food allergies are gone since wearing my Neo-Field Tachyon Pendant! Thank you! I feel normal again." ~

B.G. in PA

Your products are AWESOME!!!  My Vintage EMF Pendant is the bomb.  I feel great!

Chris B. in AZ

Since the use of Tachyon I have experienced an increase in energy and alertness, increased spirituality with All That Is and genuine love and concern for all living things. It helped my grandmother’s back pain, aunt’s arthritis, and my friend’s carpal tunnel was healed. I just love it. Thanks to you all for making them available.

Gary F.

A little over a year ago, I was having a terrible time with "tennis elbow". I couldn't even lift up a coffee cup because it was so painful. I tried a lot of different things including wearing a copper bracelet. None of these remedies worked. I overheard a salesperson telling someone of the Tachyonized Massage Oil and asked her about it. She asked me to rub some of it on the troubled area. Instantly, I felt a warm feeling and decided to buy some. I have not had any problems with "tennis elbow" since. My husband is a real skeptic, but he also had "tennis elbow" so I let him try some of the Tachyonized Oil. I am very pleased to say that he no longer is bothered with the pain. About six months ago, I had surgery and decided to try the oil on the scar from the surgery. The scars are minimal and the relief I have received from using this oil is unbelievable. I do massaging and have now decided to use your oil all the time. The results are much better and my customers are very pleased. I can’t explain the difference in oils other than it is Tachyonized. You have a great product. 

Sandra S.

Just wanted to let you know that these are the most effective tools I have tried yet to balance and energize myself! I am 8+ months pregnant and was suffering from a chronic lower back pain of one month’s duration when I ordered your 15mm cells and taped two on my lower back. Within 24 hours, my back pain disappeared completely. Not only that, but my Braxton-Hicks contractions of my uterus are much less painful as well! Needless to say, I have recommended your products to my family and friends and have ordered a bunch more cells for other parts of my body! I am currently using the necklace and wristbands, and have so much more energy now. What a Godsend! Thank you!!

 Cheryl-Jean C.

Is Tachyon another word for MIRACLE?  ~ K.J. in CA

"Eight weeks ago I sprained my ankle sustaining a severe injury including swelling, ecchymosis (bruising) and pain, incapacitating me from bearing weight on that ankle. An orthopedic surgeon who examined my foot suggested I have X-rays taken because of the amount of bruising present, which led him to believe I had fractured my ankle. The X-rays were negative. This type of injury would ordinarily take at least 2 to 4 weeks to completely and comfortably bear weight on, let alone run on. After 2 days of using Tachyonized Cells and a Tachyonized Sports Wrap, the swelling was completely gone and I was able to hop up and down on the previously injured ankle totally pain free!"

 Christina Cummings,
MD Kaiser Permanente

A few weeks ago, I put one of the heart collars on my 11 year cat who was licking her fur off her back, is a picky eater and always wants me to feed her.  I have taken her to 3 vets over the years trying to get to the bottom of her problem but two vets said there was nothing they could see wrong with her from the blood test.  The other wanted to prescribe a pill to calm her down.   But because of side affects from the prescription, I do not like to give myself or my animals drugs of any kind if I can help it.
Now she is starting to gain her pretty coat back and has that fun playful sparkle in her eyes again.  
Is that possible?  Can this product balance her out this fast?

Mary H

I can tell you with complete confidence that Tachyon’s energy truly enhances my awareness, concentration, and ability to perform under seemingly impossible circumstances and conditions. I have yet to share Tachyon with a motorcycling friend who doesn’t rave of its benefits.   

Michael B.